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Water (Liquid) Ring Vacuum Pump

Water (Liquid) Ring Vacuum Pump


1. Series SK,2SK Water Ring Vacuum Pumps can be used to exhaust ordinary gases as well as condensable gases(such as water vapor). Because they have the features of isothermal compression, they can exhaust flammable and explosive gases. When the pump made up of anti-corrosion material is selected, it can be used for exhausting corrosive gases too.

2. Series 2YK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps have the features of higher vacuum and better applicability. The different types of gases can be pumped with the selected suitable working media. Therefore, they can be applied in wider range.

3. The pumps run smoothly with low noise and consumption. The energy-saving is 30 percent comparing with the Water Jet and the Water VaporJet Pumps.

It can be applied to the vacuum drying, vacuum degassing, vacuum concentration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum impregnation process in chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, papermaking, electrical industry and so on. It can compose a vacuum system together with Roots Vacuum Pump and atmospheric Jet pump to achieve high vacuum, high efficiency, low power consumption.




Ultimate Pressure

Motor   Power    (kW)

Rotating Speed(rpm)

Water Supply(L/min)

Inlet&Outlet Dimensions


hPa Torr
SK-0.5B 0.5 47 35 1.5 2900 8 25 45
SK-0.8 0.8 47 35 2.2 2900 10 40 60
SK-1.5 1.5 47 35 4 2900 15 40 75
SK-3 3 80 60 5.5 1450 25 50 153
SK-6 6 80 60 11 1450 35 50 210
SK-12 12 80 60 22 980 70 100 600
SK-12B 12 80 60 18.5 980 60 100 450
SK-25 25 80 60 45 980 70 100 900
SK-30 30 80 60 55 980 75 100 1200
SK-42 42 80 60 75 740 100 100 1500
2SK-2B 2 40 30 5.5 1450 20 50 185
2YK-2B 2 6.6 5 5.5 1450 20 50 185
2SK-3 3 40 30 7.5 1450 25 50 320
2YK-3 3 6.6 5 7.5 1450 25 50 320
2SK-6B 6 33 30 11 1450 35 50 370
2YK-6B 6 6.6 5 11 1450 35 50 370
2SK-12 12 33 25 22 980 70 80 850
2YK-12 12 6.6 5 22 980 70 80 850
2SK-25 25 33 25 55、45 980 60-110 100 926
2YK-25 25 6.6 5 55、45 980 60-110 100 926

Regular Selection for Water(Liquid)Ring Vacuum Pump
1、Baced on the vacuum value
(1)If the pump is operated for long time with the inlet pressure range between1.3×104~1×105Pa (between 100 and 760 Torr), please choose series SK Water Ring Vacuum Pump.
(2)If the pump is operated for long time with the inlet pressure range between5×103~1.3×104Pa(between40 and 100 Torr), please choose series 2SK Water Ring Vacuum Pump.
(3)If the pump is operated for long time with the inlet pressure range between1×103~1.3×104Pa(between8 and 100 Torr), please choose series 2YK Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump.

2、Working Media
There are four principles to choose working media(i.e.ring liquids);
(1) Lower saturated steam pressure
(2) Lower viscosity
(3) Stable physical & chemical features; no chemical reaction with the pumped gas;no corrosion to the pump; no pollution to the environment.
(4) Economy
      If the water is selected as the working medium, the best temperature of supply water should be lower than or equal to 15 °C; the highest one should not be higher than 40°C. While the transformer oil or other low viscosity and saturated vapor pressure industrial oils are as the working media, the general supply temperature should not higher than 40°C and the working media temperature inside the pump chamber should not be higher than 60C, when the liquid with lower boilling point is selected as the working media under some special circumstances, the cooling unit must be equipped to cool down the working media in order to ensure that the max temperature is 30-50, lower than the boiling point. For the closed circulated system of working media, the liquid storage unit and cooler must be equipped, and the gas-liquid separator must be installed at outlet. The mechanical seal should be used for dynamic seal of the shaft.

3、Choose the dynamic seal of the shaft:
Choose the packing seal in general occasion; choose the meachanical seal when the pump is used in no leak occasion.

4、Choose the material of the part that the gas passed:
(1) For the non anti-corrosion pump, the shaft is made of 45#steel or 40Cr, other parts are made of cast Iron or brass;
(2) For the anti-corrosion pump,the parts that the gas passed, should be made of stainless steel 304 and 306, or other material suitable for the respectively corrosive gas, or the parts should be put with anti-corrosion coating.

5、 The motor should be selected based on pumping pressure.
If the pump is used for vacuuming while transferring gas, the pressure of pump outlet exceeds the standard atmosphere pressure. When the outlet pressure exceeds 0.15MPa, the special double-stages liquid ring compressor should be chosen and not the vacuum pump refitted. Tthe power of the equipped motor should be increased obviously. And the speclal gas-liquid separator and auto-drain unit should be equipped too.
When the outlet pressure is below 0.15MPa, it can use the vacuum pump refitted as compressor. The power of the equipped motor should be increased properly.

6、Composition methods of the water ring vacuum pump system
The opening circulation system should be used if the working liquid in the outlet need not be circulated or partially circulated.
The closed circulation system should be used if the working liquid in the outlet must be circulated and cannot be discharged.



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